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Week 3: Social Media Content Management

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This week you will learn how to identify what to post and manage your content. You’ll also learn how to moderate social media conversations and you’ll practice building a content calendar.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what to post
  • Create a storyboard
  • Manage your content calendar
  • Repurpose and create content effectively
  • Manage and moderate your posts


1. Which of the following categories does engaging social media content typically fall into when trying to create value for our audience on social media, and create posts that will keep them engaged? (Select correct answer)

  • Posts that are educational, that teach, update, or inform.
  • Posts that are inspirational and feel-good
  • Posts that are fun and entertaining
  • All of the above (CORRECT)

Correct! As a first step in thinking about your social media content, think about these categories and whether you can create content that falls in either one of them.

2. When coming up with new content that’s engaging, informative, or fun, there are many different topics you can post about. Which of the following are examples of the different kinds of posts you can create for your page? (Select all that apply)

  • A series of posts promoting a competitor’s page to show how their product or service is better.
  • A video from the perspective of an employee showing followers what it’s like to work at your business. (CORRECT)
  • A social media takeover by an influencer for a day. (CORRECT)
  • A series of public statements responding to negative customer reviews.

Correct! Create a behind-the-scenes post of your workplace so your audience can get a peak behind the curtain.

Correct! Because of the organic nature of social media, businesses are finding success in promoting their products or services by partnering with an influencer. Create some sponsored content with them so their audience can get exposed to your business.

3. True or False: The first thing to determine when starting to storyboard is your engagement goal for our social media post and what story you’re going to tell.

  • True (CORRECT)
  • False

Correct! You want to decide whether you want to educate your audience, increase traffic to your website, or make a sale. You also want to keep education, inspiration, and purchase in mind when determining the story.

4. True or False: When you create a content calendar you save time and stress, but you should not tweak it as you go so that you keep to your original goals regardless of engagement or audience reaction.

  • True
  • False (CORRECT)

Correct! You’ll be tracking engagement numbers on your posts and seeing what kind of content works with our audience. This will affect whether your calendar stays the same or whether changes are made to reflect audience interests.

5. What are the two different types of content you can create?

  • Images and video
  • Paid content and advertising
  • Organic and native
  • Organic and paid content (CORRECT)

Correct! On social media, you’ll create organic content or paid content.

6. What are some benefits to curating content? (Choose all that apply.)

  • The work is done for you (CORRECT)
  • It shows you’re an authority (CORRECT)
  • It shows you’re in the conversation (CORRECT)
  • It will close your sales

Correct! By sharing other content, you don’t have to worry about creating your own.

Correct! By sharing content that is relevant and helpful, you’re showing you’re an authority in your industry.

Correct! Social media is a conversation, and you’re furthering that conversation by sharing other content.

7. What were the first storyboards used for?

  • Animated cartoons (CORRECT)
  • Live-action films
  • Comic books
  • Novels

Correct! Storyboards were first used for Disney animated cartoons.

8. Name the benefits of storyboarding. (Choose all that apply)

  • Helps to visualize content (CORRECT)
  • Shows your team what you are creating (CORRECT)
  • Creates more polished, professional content (CORRECT)
  • Creates content really fast

Correct! Because storyboards are visual, they help you see what your content will look like.

Correct! A storyboard can show your team or manager what kind of content you’re creating before you create it.

Correct! Storyboarding allows you to create more put-together, thoughtful content because you’ve planned it out.

9. What are some benefits to having a content calendar? (Choose all that apply.)

  • Creates content for you
  • Brand voice consistency (CORRECT)
  • Better planning (CORRECT)
  • Team collaboration (CORRECT)

Correct! Having a content calendar allows you to create and see the consistency in your brand voice.

Correct! Having a content calendar will give you better planning all around. It not only helps in planning posts, but also planning around upcoming events or holidays.

Correct! By including your team on the content calendar, you can get feedback and new ideas.

10. What should you include in a content calendar? (Choose all that apply)

  • Dates and times of posts (CORRECT)
  • National holidays (CORRECT)
  • Who created the post
  • The format of the post (CORRECT)

Correct! One of the foundational pieces of information you need in your calendar is when posts are going live.

Correct! Include national holidays and important dates so you can plan content around them.

Correct! Keep track of whether our post is text-based, or includes images or video. This helps make sure you’re getting the right post on the right platform.


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1. Which softwares below are social media schedulers you can use to manage and moderate your posts?

  • Sprout Social (CORRECT)
  • LinkedIn
  • Hootsuite (CORRECT)
  • Buffer (CORRECT)

Correct! These tools let you connect your social media accounts, and then you can create, schedule and manage your posts all from their tool.  You can create a post and publish it on all your platforms at once.

2. Within how many days should a brand respond to social media comments?

  • 1 (CORRECT)
  • Within a week
  • 48 hours

Correct! Customers expect brands to respond to their social media comments within one day of posting them.

3. What is the first thing to be done when starting to storyboard? 

  • Add your desired photos and colors (i.e. images, logos) 
  • Determine your engagement goal (i.e. educate, increase traffic, make a sale, etc.)  (CORRECT)
  • Make the boxes or panels 
  • Write the copy  

Correct!  The goal you choose will guide you in the creation of your storyboard.

4. You run a camera-rental company and Marge posts on your LinkedIn page that her rented DSLR camera had a cracked lens.  Her comment reads:

 “I went on vacation with my husband and all our anniversary photos have a big crack! Your camera is tearing us apart!”

How do you respond?

  • No response
  • “Hey Marge—sorry to hear that. But your marriage, your problem.”
  • “Hey Marge—get this off our page. Take your marital problems elsewhere.”  
  • “Hey Marge—we’re sorry to hear that. That’s not in line with our standards, and we’ll DM you now to talk about this and give you a free rental as well.” (CORRECT)

Correct! The representative apologizes and moves the conversation to a private forum. They also promise to compensate her.

5. Which role for managing your Facebook page is the lowest class of permissioning and has access to audience data?

  • Jobs Manager
  • Editor
  • Analyst (CORRECT)
  • Moderator

Correct! Analysts don’t have complete control of the page, but still have behind-the-scenes access to page stats. Everyone at your company should have Analyst status to have access to the latest customer interaction data.

6. True or False: The best way to create a positive brand impression is by responding to customers’ social media comments in a timely and polite manner.

  • True (CORRECT)
  • False

Correct! You want to make sure that people have positive associations with your brand, and the way you carry on a conversation on social media has an impact.

7. True or False:  Every social media post must be new, unique content.

  • True
  • False (CORRECT)

Correct!  Much of your content can and should be curated from other people, whether that is by sharing content from websites, other social media accounts, users, or customer-generated content.  You can also repurpose old content. 

8. True or False: When using audience analytics software, the number of “Impressions” tells you how many times they’ve clicked your post to further engage with it, while the number of “Clicks” tracks the number of times your post appears on users’ screens.

  • True
  • False (CORRECT)

Correct! The definitions are switched. The number of “Impressions” tell you how many times your post appeared on users’ screens, while the number of “Clicks” tells you how many times they clicked your post.

9. Calla and Ivy receive a comment from a customer named Amélie on their Facebook page. It reads:

“Hey Imra—I loved my bouquet but I think it introduced termites into my home. I need to talk to you.”

How do you respond?

  • “Hey Amélie—we’re sorry to hear that. Not our problem, though.”
  • No response
  • “Hey Amélie—we’re sorry to hear that. That’s not in line with our standards, and we’ll DM you now to talk about this.”  (CORRECT)
  • “Hey Amélie—can you not post this on our page? It looks bad for the business.”  

Correct! The representative apologizes and moves the conversation to a private forum.

10. Stacey just launched a Facebook page for her dog day care company called Hugs & Paws. She is looking to have some employees to help her moderate the page. Which of the following roles can she assign to people? (Select all that apply)

  • Admin
  • Developer
  • Editor (CORRECT)
  • Moderator (CORRECT)

Correct! Editors can do everything admins can except assign and change others’ roles.

Correct! Moderators can create ads, access audience data, remove comments and ban people from the page.

11. Which of the following is one of the three main categories of engaging social media content?  

  • Educational posts (CORRECT)
  • News statements 
  • Highlights 
  • Stories 

Correct!  Educational posts are one category which engaging social media content typically falls into, along with inspirational posts and entertaining posts, as you learned about in the video Identify What to Post. 

12. True or False: Using Hashtags in your post are a great way to connect with potential customers.

  • True (CORRECT)
  • False

Correct! Hashtags are great because they connect social media posts by topic and aggregate them under a single word, meaning your account and content can be more easily discovered.

13. Which social media platform has the shortest post “lifetime”?

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (CORRECT)
  • WhatsApp

Correct! Twitter posts last for 20-30 minutes before being pushed to the bottom of your follower’s feeds.

14. Which of the following are benefits to having a content calendar for your social media posts? (Select all that apply)

  • Plan content to be posted on days off or holidays when employees aren’t working (CORRECT)
  • It helps you keep a consistent brand voice (CORRECT)
  • Your team is able to more easily collaborate on posting (CORRECT)
  • It lets you set it and forget it

Correct! Content calendars help you plan ahead for events and holidays that might be important for your industry.

Correct! Because you are able to see multiple posts at one time and how they fit together, you are able to easily see the story you are creating for your brand.

Correct! Having a content calendar keeps your team informed of the plan so they can act on it.

15. DCB Cleaners receives an accusation of shoddy construction from Dave on their Facebook page. It reads:

“My DCB snack bar fell down! Screw you!”

How do you respond?

  • No response
  • “Hey James—sorry to hear that. But that’s your problem now.”
  • “Hey James—get this off our page, man.  It makes us look bad.”  
  • “Hey James—we’re sorry to hear that. That’s not in line with our standards, and we’ll DM you now to talk about this and send someone your way as soon as possible to fix it.” (CORRECT)

Correct! The representative apologizes and moves the conversation to a private forum. They also promise to redress the issue.

16. Erika launched the Facebook page for the new restaurant she just opened a month ago and is encountering some issues. She feels like she is not posting enough updates because of time constraints and is therefore not attracting followers fast enough. She is looking for some guidance to better manage her page. Which of the following tips should she apply to her strategy?

  • Erika should work as a team with her employees to share page responsibilities and generate new content for her followers and future customers.
  • Erika should look into using publishing tools to schedule posts. (CORRECT)
  • Erika should automate responses for customer messages and comments.

Correct! If you have other people in your company that can help you, work as a team to publish your posts.  The main social media platforms let you give other people permission to help manage your page.  And, you can give people different roles and levels of responsibilities.

17. Which of the following statements are true regarding automated response bots and the specific functions they can take over? (Select all that apply)

  • Respond to customers when your business is closed (CORRECT)
  • Schedule person-to-person interactions (CORRECT)
  • Triage customer queries to direct them towards the right people (CORRECT)
  • Answer basic or commonly-asked questions (CORRECT)

Correct! Brand pages have to be “on” 24/7, even when employees aren’t. An automated bot can work the night shift for you, answering questions at any time.

Correct! A bot may not be a real person. But they can help answer messages from customers and schedule calls or consultations with employees at a later date or time.

Correct! An automated response bot can function as a message “assistant” and help customers get in touch with the right people who can more directly answer their questions or resolve service issues.

Correct! Letting a bot handle basic customer questions can lighten the load on you and your team, as well as increase customer service efficiency.

18. What elements should you include on your content calendar?

  • The post’s content, including images and hashtags
  • Which platform(s) you are posting it on
  • Date and time of the post
  • All of the above (CORRECT)

Correct! Your content calendar should include the post’s content, images, videos, links and even hashtags. It should also include on which platform you are posting the content, what type of content it is (reshare, original, ad), and the time and date that the post will go live.

19. True or False: Admins have total control of a Facebook page and are the only class that can assign and change others’ roles.

  • False
  • True (CORRECT)

Correct! Admins can also post, edit, message, and view all audience data. Your social media manager and CEO should always have “admin” status.

20. Which of the following are part of the “Five Steps to Build Your Social Media Following”? (Select all that apply)

  • Send out mailers to advertise your new page
  • Create an advertising campaign (CORRECT)
  • Hire influencers to advertise for you (CORRECT)
  • Invite your friends and family to follow your page (CORRECT)

Correct! All good ads start with good stories. Start with an introductory video and Instagram post about the founding of your company to help increase your following.

Correct! Social media influencers are people who have large followings and  will advertise your business for you. You can find the right influencers for you using softwares like SocialBaker or Tagger.

Correct! When you start your business presence, you need to let people know about it.  Starting with your friends will help you get the initial word out.

21. Which social media scheduler has a built-in chatbot creator?

  • Sprout Social (CORRECT)
  • Buffer
  • Planoly
  • Hootsuite

Correct! Of the major schedulers, Sprout Social is the only one that allows in-software chatbot creation with quick-reply options for Facebook and Twitter.

22. Automated chatbots can perform some very specific functions that previously required:

  • A customer service representative (CORRECT)
  • A receptionist or switchboard operator (CORRECT)
  • An accountant
  • A graphic designer

Correct! Chatbots can perform some functions that previously required customer service representatives (but not all).

Correct! Chatbots can perform some question-answering and redirection functions that previously required a receptionist or switchboard operator.

23. Joseph has a piano tutoring business and holds lessons for his students at his studio most days during the week. He likes to post videos of his student’s progress and playing tips to his Facebook page for his followers. He has plenty of videos and content to be posted, but has trouble remembering to post. When he does post, engagement is inconsistent.  Which of the following tips should he apply to his social media strategy to better manage his page?

  • Joseph should automate responses for customer messages and comments.
  • Joseph should hire employees to join his team and help with page responsibilities and generate new content for his followers.
  • To help with scheduling posts, Joseph should look into using publishing tools. (CORRECT)

Correct! Some of the large social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have some sort of publishing tool embedded in them where Joseph can draft your posts, schedule and publish them. He can also use a third party software that lets him manage across platforms and track engagement, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Buffer.

24. Which of the following can be considered organic content? (Select all that apply)  

  • A behind the scenes video of the pets at Inu & Neko on Tiktok (CORRECT)
  • Calla and Ivy share their “customer of the week” in a tweet (CORRECT)
  • A Calla and Ivy ad on Instagram for their new fall bouquets 
  • Promoted Facebook post about the benefits of having the Snackwall at your business 

Correct!  This content is organic because it is free and serves as a way to interact with your audience like a fellow user.  

Correct!  This content is organic because it is free and serves as a way to interact with your audience like a fellow user. 

25. True or False: When responding to customer comments, it is important to take any issues and criticism of the brand out of the public sphere and address customers in private messages.

  • True (CORRECT)
  • False

Correct! The best way to create a positive brand impression is by responding to customers’ social media comments in a timely and polite manner.

26. What is repurposing content?

  • Taking content your competitor created and using it for yourself
  • Rewriting a blog post and publishing it again
  • Taking ideas, stats, and quotes from previous content and using it in new formats (CORRECT)
  • Taking a blog post from a draft folder and publishing it to your site

Correct! Mine your old content for ideas to create new content.

27. What is evergreen content?

  • The most popular content on your site
  • Content about trees
  • Content that is timeless and always relevant (CORRECT)
  • Content about specific events or news cycles

Correct! Evergreen content is ripe for repurposing because the information is always helpful.

28. What are some of the benefits of repurposing content? (Choose all that apply.)

  • It stretches the value of your content (CORRECT)
  • It saves you time (CORRECT)
  • You never have to create any original content any more
  • It expands your audience (CORRECT)

Correct! By repurposing your content into a number of other pieces of content, you’re getting a lot of value out of a simple piece.

Correct! Repurposing content does save you time, as you don’t have to spend as much time creating new from-scratch content.

Correct! By posting content in different formats, more people who consume content in that format will see it.

29. What’s the ultimate goal of a content audit?

  • To make a list of website pages
  • To find out how you compare to your competitors
  • To track spending on content creation
  • To find out what content is successful and what isn’t so you can plan accordingly (CORRECT)

Correct! You’ll use your audit to discover what resonates most with your audience.

30. What are some things your data might tell you. (Choose all that apply.)

  • What topics your audience is interested in (CORRECT)
  • If you have a broad or narrow audience (CORRECT)
  • If your advertising efforts are working (CORRECT)

Correct! By seeing which posts are performing the best, you can tell which topics your audience engages with.

Correct! By looking at unique visitors, you can see how big your audience is.

Correct! By looking at click-through on ads, you can see what your return on investment, or ROI, is.

31. If you’re going to meet your marketing budget

DCB Cleaning makes a Facebook post to say they won the Richmond Street Business Association’s Best New Business Award.

Beneath it, a former client named Barry Evans says “You cleaned my office but left mold in the bathroom!”

How do you respond?

  • “Hey Barry—we’re sorry about that but it’s not our fault. Our cleaner had to leave early to pick up her kid from school and couldn’t finish your property. We can send you some money back though.”
  • “Hey Barry—we’re very sorry to hear that. That’s unacceptable and not in line with our standards. We’ve sent you a private DM so you can tell us more, and we’d like to talk about how to make it up to you.” (CORRECT)
  • “Dude just chill, it was one stall. You email us all the time about this. Let it go already.”
  • No response

Correct! You apologize and take responsibility in the public view, and move further discussion and potential negotiations about refunds to a private chat.

32. True or false, some social media platforms have publishing tools embedded in them where you can draft your posts, schedule, and publish them.

  • True (CORRECT)
  • False

That’s right! Some of the largest social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have publishing tools embedded in them.

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