Optional: Building Your Portfolio - Week 2

Course 8 – Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete a Case Study

Week 2: Optional: Building Your Portfolio


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In this part of the Coursera Google Data Analytics course, you’ll get an overview of two possible tracks to complete your case study. You can use a dataset from one of the business cases provided or search for a public dataset and develop a business case for an area of personal interest. In addition, you’ll be introduced to several platforms for hosting your completed case study.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the practices and procedures associated with the data analysis process to a given set of data.
  • Discuss the expectations involved in completing a data analysis case study.
  • Move their portfolio to Kaggle, post and make it public
  • Add R Code to a Kaggle Notebooks
  • Recall the different types of Kaggle Notebooks

Hands-On Activity: Adding your portfolio to Kaggle

1. Suppose you want to add a description of your code to your Kaggle notebook. What button would you click to create the proper cell?

  • + Code
  • + Markdown (Correct)
  • + Text
  • + Description

Correct: A portfolio is a collection of case studies that you can share with potential employers.

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